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Mission's Statement

Morning Star Stable exists to provide a refuge for the family. We believe that the family is a vital part of our society and it must be nourished. Our young people need to be encouraged and directed through positive, hands on activities to become happy, successful adults. Through the pleasures of the equestrian sport and moral development Morning Star Stable strives to create a stable environment where our young people can flourish. The relationships and techniques that develop between horse and rider and/or handler provides valuable life lessons in responsibility and team work.
  • To teach and demonstrate safe and thoughtful horsemanship that creates a partnership between horse and rider.
  • To create a stable environment where children and youth can build self-esteem, have fun, and develop morally, socially and emotionally.
  • To communicate effectively with these beautiful animals, on their back and on the ground.
  • FOCUS ON: responsibility, team work, achieving goals, and moral values.
  • Partnering with parents to keep our young people active, healthy, and out of trouble.

Come enjoy the fresh air sunshine and fun-filled days with us and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Officially established in 1997, Kim and Kendra have been riding and training horses and students for most of their lives. Kim grew up with horses as a kid and when she had children of her own she wanted them to be blessed with the same. When her oldest, Kendra, was 6 years old she got her first pony as a birthday gift…and that was where it all began. Shortly after Cimmariah was a birthday gift, Kim purchased Gideon, a run down TB stallion off the track. He was a gift for her husband Jesse. Indian Jones, a birthday gift for Jesse, was the third addition to the growing horse family. By the way Jesse didn’t ride…
A dream came true when a farm was purchased in Maine. Gideon and Indy moved to their new home while the rest of the family: Kim, Jesse, Kendra, Rachel, Judah, and Cimmariah stayed behind in Massachusetts. In 1988 the rest of the family moved to Maine and began breeding TB/Welsh crosses. This breed later became recognized by the American Warmblood Registry as sport ponies.
As the Norris horse family continued to grow Kim had to make a decision, she had to sell most of the horses or figure out a way to get them to at least pay for themselves. She tried the later by doing pony rides for birthday parties and special events, and she began giving beginner lessons, and boarding a few horses. Although she and her husband both still had to work full time jobs the horses got to stay proving great fun and lifelong lessons for the kids, family, and friends.
Today, 20 years after the move from Massachusetts to Maine, the Norris horse family has become Morning Star Stable. The attempt to get the horses to pay for themselves has grown into a family run ministry, with the goal of mentoring young people through the positive experience of horse back riding, horse care, and stable management.
Kim and Jesse’s 73 acre farm, located in a small town nestled in the mountains of central Maine, still houses the stable. Kim still teaches lessons and offers her services where ever and when ever needed. Kendra is the stable manger, one of the instructors and a camp counselor.
We thank all our parents, students, and volunteers who have helped make Morning Star Stable a safe haven for young people and their families. We need your continued to support to continue making a difference in the lives of people and horses.
Our vision is to continue to reach out to the community by providing an alternative to boredom, neglect, laziness, and trouble. Our prayer is to open a fully funded, overnight camp for under-privileged and inner city kids to come and experience the special bond between horse and human and enjoy the great outdoors of rural Maine.